Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro X86 PreActivated Final

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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro X86 PreActivated Final
    BUILD: 6.3.9600
    Activator used was KMSpico v9.2.3 Final
    1) Burn to DVD or install from a flash drive(4.0GB+)(tool provided).
    2) Boot from DVD or flash drive.
    3) Wait till installation is finished and enjoy your ACTIVATED WIN 8.1 .
    4) Windows might restart after it has been in the desktop
    5) Once windows has finshed installing and you install an antivirus make an exceptions to Directory %ProgramFiles%KMSpico*.exe in Antivirus or Defender.

    FAQ !!!!

    No updates were added by me all updates are included in this MSDN ISO from MS including Update 1 and OLDER !!!
    So this is how it works, At about 75% in the installation a script runs the KMSpico.exe and activates windows.
    NO files are modified on the ISO.
    YES all automatic updates will work.
    Its always a good idea to do a hard format (your OS will be more stable).
    YES you can install this on top of another OS or dual boot (Not recommended).
    Last but not least if you dont know how to install windows or to install windows from a
    flash drive just google or youtube it.
    EVAN though it says its only 180 days it will always stay 180 days !!!!
    In this build i made it so NO install key is needed
    Thanks for your support on my previous win 8.1 Pre-Activated torrents.
    If you see a comment where some state that you can buy M$ products for cheap its a scam please report to

    Remember to seed !!!
    and enjoy your ACTIVATED Windows 8.1 Update 1

    More about Windows 8.1 Update 1

    The Windows 8.1 Update delivers a collection of refinements designed to give people a more familiar and convenient experience across touch, keyboard and mouse inputs. It also brings improvements for business customers, really accelerates opportunity for developers, and enables device makers to offer lower cost devices.

    Easier access to your favorite apps and key controls:

    On the Start screen, on select devices you will now find Power and Search buttons at the upper-right corner next to your account picture. You can now more quickly shut down your PC if you need to and do a search right from the Start screen.

    If you like using the desktop, you will be happy to know that select devices will now boot to desktop as the default setting. And on your taskbar, you can now pin both desktop apps and apps from the Windows Store as well as your favorite websites. You can now pin any app you want to the taskbar so you can open or switch between apps right from the desktop. IGÇÖve got some of my favorite apps like Xbox Music, Skype, Facebook, Flipboard, and Mint pinned to my taskbar. You can also access the taskbar from anywhere when youGÇÖre using a mouse; you can see the taskbar on any screen by moving your mouse to the bottom edge of your screen. Just click on any of the apps pinned to your taskbar to open or switch to them.

    More familiar mouse and keyboard options:

    WeGÇÖve made it so your mouse works more consistently anywhere in Windows. If you move your mouse to the top of the screen when using a Windows Store app, you will see the familiar Close and Minimize buttons. And as I mentioned above, when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen in a Windows Store app, the taskbar comes up.

    On the Start screen, if you right-click on an app tile, you will get a context menu next to the app tile that shows you what you can do with the tile, like unpin from Start, pin to the taskbar, change the tile size or even uninstall the app. Right-clicking on an app tile on the Start screen works just like right-clicking on something on the desktop.

    Simpler way to find new apps:

    After installing the update, youGÇÖll find the Windows Store is now pinned to the taskbar by default so you can easily discover new apps (yes, you can unpin it if you donGÇÖt want it there).

    And after installing new apps, youGÇÖll notice a message at the lower-left corner of the Start screen that points you to the Apps view so you can see what you recently just installed.

    Seamless browsing on all devices:

    With todayGÇÖs update, Internet Explorer 11 adapts your browsing experience by detecting your Windows device and input type GÇô whether an 8-inch touch tablet in portrait mode or a 24-inch desktop with mouse and keyboard. The web is still front-and-center but new design enhancements make your browsing experience feel like it was made just for your device GÇô like the number of tabs on-screen, the size of the fonts and menus. You can also now control when the browser remains on-screen or hides away for full-screen browsing. Check out 22tracksto see these updates in action.

    Improvements for business customers: We are introducing several key improvements for businesses such as Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE) and extended Mobile Device Management (MDM). EMIE enables Internet Explorer 8 compatibility on Internet Explorer 11 so companies can run existing web-based apps seamlessly on Windows 8.1 devices. And with extended MDM, we are introducing additional policy settings that can be managed with whatever MDM solution an enterprise chooses including whitelisting or blacklisting Windows Store apps and websites. Look for a blog post later today on the Windows for your Business Blog that discusses these in greater detail and a post on the Springboard Series Blogon deployment guidance for the Windows 8.1 Update.

    New low cost devices:With the Windows 8.1 Update, we have enabled our hardware partners to build lower cost devices for Windows such as devices with only 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage that provide customers with the experience they expect from a Windows device without sacrificing performance.

    We have made the Windows 8.1 Update available today for MSDN subscribers, and will begin to roll it out for free to Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 customers via Windows Update next Tuesday April 8th. For the majority of folks, they will receive the update automatically. If you are still on Windows 8, you can get the Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store on April 8th as well.

    NOTE: The Windows 8.1 Update will be KB2919355 for those of you interested.

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