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    Python for S60 1.9.7 RELEASE NOTES, 03.08.2009

    Product Description

    Python for S60 (hereafter PyS60) is intended for developers looking to create
    programs that use the native features and resources of the S60 phones, using the
    Python programming language.

    About this release

    This is the new 1.9.7 development release of PyS60. This release is intended
    only for S60 3rd edition, S60 3rd edition FP1, S60 3rd edition FP2 and
    S60 5th edition devices.

    Note on versioning: The versioning scheme in PyS60 releases is such that the
    releases with an even minor version (1.0.x, 1.2.x ...) are "stable" and releases
    with an odd minor version (1.1.x, 1.3.x ...) are "development" releases. This is
    thus a development release, meaning that it includes functionality that has not
    been tested as extensively as the stable releases. This release is provided as a
    preview to developers who wish to experiment with Python on S60 before the next
    final stable release.

    What is new when compared with PyS60 1.9.6?
    - Touch support added for GLCanvas UI Control. Directional pad is displayed
    by default on touch enabled devices. A sample application -
    is added to ScriptShell which demonstrates the functionality.

    - Two new APIs are added to canvas - begin_redraw and end_redraw. These can be
    used to instruct the window server to enable redraw drawing on the canvas UI
    control. Please refer the documentation (Section 3.1.10) for more details.

    - The multi-selection listbox has been modified such that the dialog
    for the option 'checkmark' now has 'Options' and 'Back' as its left and right
    softkeys respectively. The 'Options' has Mark/Unmark entry that can be used
    to select and de-select respectively. The 'Back' softkey returns the
    current state of the listbox based on the selected items.

    - 4-way directional pad support in landscape mode

    - Different flavors of Scriptshell application can coexist on the device.

    - Scribble application improvements:
    - Performance improvement by using API's begin_redraw and end_redraw.
    - The drawing area is retained between landscape and portrait
    modes as the toolbar shifts to accommodate for this change.
    - Pen width can be selected from a list of predefined values.

    - PyS60 document is available online on maemo.garage

    Corrected defects:
    4251 - The compression type for the dll and exe files for Python is shown
    as Deflate instead of Byte-pair.
    4313 - Scrollbar visible afterwards, should not be there
    4338 - Multiple lisbox objects decrease scroll performance
    4349 - time.mktime() taking too much time to execute

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