ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60v3 S60v5 [update 26/06/2010]

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    ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60 v3 v5 [update 26/06/2010]

    Hỗ trợ đa ngôn ngữ trong đó có Tiếng Việt

    Phần mềm đã khá quen thuộc và là một phần mềm chụp ảnh màn hình đỉnh nhất cho v3 hiện nay.Topic này mạn phép trích dẫn nguyên văn tác giả. Chi tiết anh em có thể tham khảo thêm tại topic EDRS Shot 0.93 VI by LQT ở box Việt hóa !



    ERDS Shot is a program written in PyS60 which allows you to take screenshots in S60v3 and S60v5 phones. The program is under constant development is therefore not a final version and would appreciate the reporting of bugs or improvements.


    * Allows you to capture the screen and save the image with the path, name and format desired.
    * Adds a watermark to catch
    * Allows you to add a personal text, date, time or 3 things to the image.
    * Allows you to display a preview of the final image
    * Set the position of the watermark (manual or automatic)
    * Set the text position (manual or automatic)
    * Allows you to join in an animated gif catches over time and indicated cycle (only supported png)
    * Selecting the shutter button to capture
    * Allows you to select the color and text size
    * Includes a search engine for images to be seen with the default viewer
    * Allows you to restore the default settings

    Version 0.8

    * Added: Option to choose the position of text or watermark with just indicate where (Above - Left for example) designed for S60V5
    * Added: Language in text files for easy translation
    * Added: Mini-Module "Opacity" by jge93 in order to add transparency to the watermark
    * Added: progress bar to create masks and restore settings
    * Added: Italian and English Language
    * Added: Auto-Reset when changing language
    * Added: New images on the current assistants
    * Added: Ability to use your own mask for the watermark
    Fixed: Resizing of the watermark images
    Fixed: I can now be used in the program accents
    Fixed: Icon smaller (the other was out of bounds)
    * Fixed: Removed some junk in the code to lighten a bit
    * Fixed: Problem in some mobile phones with the images. It is now fully multi-resolution

    Version 0.9.1

    * Fixed: Error not select a language, did not return to the main area
    * Fixed: Error that sometimes do not save images, instead replace them
    * Fixed: Problems indicating the position, now is a little less vague
    * Fixed: Now you can save the error in a txt
    * Fixed: Now to change the folder, it goes into this without rebooting
    * Fixed: Now shows the sentences according to the language correctly in text settings
    * Fixed: Several minor bugs ...
    * Added: function to upload the image to imageshack and return immediately link to the clipboard (optional with bbcode)
    * Added: function to send the image via Bluetooth immediately
    * Added: function to cut an area of the image
    * Added: New images browser, with features like Delete, Open, Cut, Upload or Send
    * Added: function to choose the resolution of the capture (with software interpolation ;))
    * Added: Choice of folder in C + +
    * Added: menu divided for better organization
    * Added: Russian language by guardtroops :thrasher:
    * Added: Vietnamese Language Kojiro :thrasher:
    * Added: Portuguese language by google :horse:
    * Added: Updated about dialog :partyman:

    Whtas New?

    * Added: "Collage", allows to join two, four or six images on a single with three different styles respecting the dimensions of each (looks the screenshots ;))
    * Added: function 'Uploads', save the link of each ascent to imageshack for later use (it automatically saves the link)
    * Added: New icon by alrod
    * Added: New background by alrod
    * Added: New module to cut images by jge93 & Genesis with a lot of options ;)
    * Added: New color palette by jge93
    * Added: When selecting a new watermark, it copies itself to a folder for later use without having to search again
    * Added: Compression of the RAM after taking a screenshot (auto)
    * Removed: Images in the about (useless)
    * Fixed: Now add the exact current time, down time that you opened the program
    * Fixed: Now you have to reboot every time you change your folder
    * Fixed: Many minor bugs ...


    It was tested in the following models

    * N95-3
    * Nokia N82
    * Nokia N95 8GB
    * Nokia N95-1
    * 8MP Nokia N86
    * Nokia 6110
    * Mini Nokia N97
    * Nokia N97
    * Nokia N96
    * Nokia N91

    P/S :
    Trong phần mềm, tác giả đã tích hợp File Lang Tiếng Việt do SM Kojiro của PV cung cấp. Mình sẽ cho ra bản Việt hóa hoàn chỉnh trong thời gian tới!

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    Trả lời: ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60v3 S60v5 [update 26/06/2010]

    Mình cài cái này vào máy E71 nhưng không open được, hic.
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    Máy bạn đã hack phone chưa thì mới sử dụng được nhé
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    Trả lời: ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60v3 S60v5 [update 26/06/2010]

    Mình hack phone rồi thì mới cài được chứ bạn :)
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    Trả lời: ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60v3 S60v5 [update 26/06/2010]

    woa phan mem nay rat hay .......thanks anh nao cho len dien dan nha!
    [adm]chú ý:tiếng việt có dấu nhé![/adm]
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    Trả lời: ERDS Shot 1.0 _ chụp màn hình cho S60v3 S60v5 [update 26/06/2010]

    e thấy dùng cái screensnap có vẻ tốt hơn. Vừa nhanh lại ko cần hack phone :)
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    tuyệt cú mèo hay đó hihi cảm ơn nhá

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